Recruitment Guidelines

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Recruitment Guidelines

Postby Bru » Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:45 am

All times mentioned below are CST (Central Standard Time).

Please keep in mind that PPP is a hardcore raiding guild. What this means is we expect applicants, as well as members alike to come to all raids prepared with consumables, repair money, a good outlook and attitude, while maintaining a high raid attendance. You will have to be able to perform, accept criticism ranging from mild to harsh, and show personal initiative in improving your personal weaknesses; Be it DPS, Healing, Tanking, or on a particular encounter.

PPP raids four days a week, from Monday through Thursday. As with all content in this game, as it goes to farm we drop off as many days as we can but during progression you are expected to be able to attend all four.

All times are CST.
Monday -Thursday: 9:30pm-12:00am

Before you fill out an application for PPP, I suggest you read the following very closely to decide if PPP is the guild for you.

  • You should be capable of maintaining near perfect (If not perfect) raid attendance, especially during your application process. This also applies to core raiders once promoted as well.
  • You are expected to be attentive and listening to raid instructions when they are delivered. If you are having to be told multiple times what to do, you are wasting my time.
  • You are expected to perform to the maximum capabilities of your class at all times. Be it on trash, farm content or progression content, you should always be showing us how much you wish to be here. Trust me, we are watching.
  • As an applicant to PPP, we do not owe you anything. You are here to impress us and show to us you are a high caliber player. We will not drag you through raids in hopes of signs of improvement, do not waste our time.

All applicants will be watched closely throughout their application process by both members and officers alike and will also be given individual progress reports how they are performing throughout their application period. This should help point out any flaws with the applicant that should be fixed as soon as possible, along with preventing the applicant from feeling blindsided if they are are asked to leave the guild for sub-par performance or other reasons.

VERY IMPORTANT: No ones raid spot is guaranteed at any time and should NEVER be taken for granted. Raid spots are earned by your own personal competitive nature and desire to play at the best of your ability.

Lastly, due to experiences in the past, if you are not currently over the age of 18, don't bother applying. Consider it biased all you wish, but the bottom line is we are not here to babysit you, nor are we here to put up with your tantrums. Just cause your parents failed at raising you correctly, don't come crying to me.

If you currently live in Ohio, you are not welcome also.

Now, if you are still reading this, then maybe PPP is the guild for you. Please fill out the application with care, after all if you cannot take the time to read the above and fill out the application properly, how can we trust in your ability to listen in raids?

Thanks for your interest in PPP and best of luck.

Please begin by registering for the forums here: and then fill out the application form in the recruitment forum.
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